Khanna and Iyer

Banner : Mukta Arts

Directed by : Hemant Hegde

Produced by : Rahul Puri, Prem Pillai

Music Director : Tabun Sutradhar

Cinematography : Laxman Utekar

Release Date : 30 March 2007

Cast : Sarvar Ahuja, Arun Bakshi, Arunav Chatterji, Mushtaq Khan, Neelu Kohli, Prateeksha Lonkar, Sanjeev Mehra, Majoj Pohwa, Aditi Sharma, Asha Sharma, Yashpal Sharma


Fellow-collegians Aryan Khanna and Nandini Iyer fall in love with each other and want to get married, however, their respective parents, wealthy builder P.K. Khanna and equally wealthy MLA Ramanna Iyer, want them to marry in Punjabi and Madrasi families respectively, with Nandini's marriage already being finalized with U.S.-based Shekhar Iyer. Aryan and Nandini decide to elope and end up in the Dora jungles closely pursued by Iyer and Khanna and the Police, amidst a lot of media publicity. Iyer and Khanna display mutual loathing, mingled with Madrasi and Punjabi expletives. Both decide to change their tactics, temporarily declare a truce in order to placate and get their respective children back, and then carry on later with their mutual hatred. Little do Iyer and Khanna realize that their children have been robbed, are lost, tired, hungry, and have now been abducted by dreaded trigger-happy terrorist Donga - who may end up killing both of them - and anyone else who dares to interfere.