15 years of Whistling Woods International

"15 years ago on July 18 2006, I shifted my full focus on training young filmmakers for the industry rather than making my own films by establishing a world class state-of-art film institute, Whistling Woods International. Starting with only 80 students and now with one thousand plus students, and 2500 alumni that are already leading with excellence in most of the top media companies and film production houses across the industry.

I consider myself fortunate and grateful to everyone who helped to make Whistling Woods International the premier media school in Asia and one of the best in the world.

But can anybody guess what price I had to pay to achieve this milestone ?"

Today, on Founder’s Day of WWI, I’m starting off my own YouTube channel with this anthem song about Whistling Woods, written by both students and me.

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Love Always.

Subhash Ghai

Date : 18th July, 2021