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Mukta Movies Distributors is one of India’s leading distribution brands with 9 offices across India. These offices are in Delhi, Jalandhar, Mumbai, Indore, Jaipur, Calcutta, etc, etc. Mukta Movies Distributors releases over 50 films every year and works with some of the leading production companies in India including Twentieth Century Fox, Disney-UTV and Warner Brothers.

The division uses its Production and Programming relationships to ensure a best quality experience for third-party Producers. Mukta Movies provides up-to-the-minute, real time, transparent data to all partners to ensure best practices and this is an important reason why so many clients have had long standing dealing with the division.

Mukta Movies Distributors Office Addresses:

1) M/s. Mukta Movies Distributors,
1/A, Naaz Building,
Lamington Road,
Tel: 23824901/ 2382 2978
Fax: 2382 4901
2) M/s. Mukta Movies Distributors,
1493, Above Canara bank,
2nd Floor, Main Road,
Chandni Chowk,
Delhi: 110006.
Mobile: 09811866118
Tel: 9511 23874282
3) M/s. Mukta Movies Distributors,
Dhupar Bldg. 1st Floor,
Near Standard Hotel,
Railway Road,
Jalandhar City: 144001.
Tel : 0181 3098138
4) M/s. Mukta Movies Distributors,
306, Rudrakasha Bldg., 3rd Floor,
16th Meera Path Colony,
Dhenu Market,
Indore : 452 003
Tel : 0731 4002919
5) M/s. Mukta Movies Distributors,
C/o Mohan Chitra
Jaistambh Chowk,
Amravati — 444601
Tel : 957212673796
Mobile : 9370153806
Fax : 957212677579
6) M/s. Mukta Movies Distributors,
C/o Goodwin Pictures
62, Bentick Street,
1st Floor,
Kolkata — 700 069
Tel : 033 22379070
Fax : 033 22370536