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Subhash Ghai, Musical Maestro and Chairman of Mukta Arts Ltd and Whistling Woods International (WWI), Institute of Film, Communication & Creative Arts, explains the vision behind the new music label - Audeus.

Audeus Trax will be releasing new music singles, fictional and non-fictional podcasts, audio talk and chat shows, stories and other audio-based shows created by the students and alumni of Whistling Woods International under the management of Mukta Arts Ltd. The primary purpose of Audeus is to promote new talent of singers, musicians, composers, lyricists, actors and introduce them to the public and established music and audio companies through its channels. It would be associated with established media and digital banners at all levels.

Mukta Arts Ltd already has an excellent collection of songs and audio compilations on social and national causes in public interest, individual work projects by students and alumni of WWI, along with the literary work of established authors under its possession, which will be published in due course from time to time under Audeus Trax. Its faculty, trainers, and creative heads will supervise the audio tracks and approve for publication periodically. The very first recording of new music track was titled ‘UNIVERSAL ECHO’ written and composed by Subhash Ghai himself with the talented musicians and singers from Whistling Woods International School of Music. Audeus Trax will soon be releasing many more audio tracks on its official channel in association with many digital outfits.

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