A Day of Dreams & Achievements: Whistling Woods International’s Convocation Celebrates the Excellence of 400+ Graduating Students

~ Distinguished Maestro Awardees, Ms. Shabana Azmi & Mr. Priyadarshan, and Insightful Keynote Speakers, Mr. Vivek Krishnani, Mr. Ayaz Memon, & Mr. Sameer Nair Inspire Graduates at WWI's 16th Convocation ~

Mumbai, January 24, 2024: Whistling Woods International (WWI), the torchbearer of excellence in media and creative arts education, commemorated its 16th Convocation, marking a celebration of creativity, talent, and education. As the Convocation unfolded, over 400 graduating students, the emerging talents who'll be shaping the media and entertainment landscape, were recognised for their academic and creative achievements.

The ceremony further witnessed the conferral of the prestigious Maestro Awards to veteran actor, Ms. Shabana Azmi, for her impactful performances and renowned filmmaker, Mr. Priyadarshan, known for his cinematic brilliance and their respective contributions to Indian cinema

As an added highlight of the event, Ayaz Memon, a distinguished figure in the field of sports journalism, was felicitated with a special honour in recognition of his significant contributions to the field. Featuring as keynote speakers for the occasion, Mr. Vivek Krishnani, CEO, MovieVerse Studios; Mr. Ayaz Memon, acclaimed Sports Writer & Journalist, and Mr. Sameer Nair, CEO, Applause Entertainment, delivered impactful speeches that deeply connected with the graduating batch. Their insights and experiences served as a valuable roadmap, offering essential guidance for the students as they embark on their professional journeys.

Ms. Shabana Azmi, Maestro Award recipient, encouraged the graduating students and said, “An artist's biggest resource base is life itself. Remain connected with life because that's where all your strength will come from.”

Delivering the keynote address, Mr. Vivek Krishnani inspired the graduating batch and stated, “Find your dream and be hungry about it. Passion should drive you." He further added, “Be open to learning, ready to grasp every opportunity, and work hard to achieve your dreams.”

Encouraging the graduating students to make a difference in the media and entertainment landscape, keynote speaker Mr. Sameer Nair said, “Global storytelling is the biggest thing that is happening at the moment. If there was ever a time for India to be put on the global entertainment map, it is now.”

Congratulating the graduating Batch of 2023, Mr. Subhash Ghai, Founder & Chairman, WWI, shared an invaluable piece of advice: “The first sign of success is to have a noble soul. Love and respect people. Accept your defeats with a smile and restart again to be successful in life.”

As the Convocation approached its conclusion, the certificates were conferred upon the graduates by Mr. Ravi Gupta, Dean, WWI, and Mr. Rahul Puri, Director of Academics, WWI, along with other dignitaries. Awards were presented to outstanding students across all schools, and the Valedictorians for the Class of 2023 were honoured.

On a closing note, Ms. Meghna Ghai Puri, President, WWI, wished the students and said, “You exhibited immense courage when you took this step to do what you love. I hope you'll continue to be courageous in your journey ahead.”

On this special occasion, continuing its dedication to sustainable practices, Whistling Woods International has planted over 400 trees on behalf of each graduating student, further contributing to its ongoing efforts for environmental responsibility.

This amalgamation of talent, recognition, and inspiration made WWI's 16th Convocation an unforgettable celebration of creativity and accomplishment.

Added on : 25th January, 2024