Mukta Arts celebrates its 45th anniversary

"My heartiest thanks to all those artists and technicians who contributed a lot in making beautiful films under #MUKTA ARTS celebrating its 45th year of maintaining excellence whatever we do - we do with a feel. Congratulations to each member and team leaders for keeping Mukta as young as ever.

  • Produced 45 motion pictures with 38 blockbusters.
  • Distributed 410 movies.
  • MuktaA2Cinema exhibitors runs 25 theatres/ 65 screens.
  • Whistling Woods Film and Media Design Institute produced 2800 graduates for industry and 1100 students on campus at filmcity, Mumbai

    Thank you all. Feel blessed. Many more news to come."

    - Subhash Ghai

    Added on : 24th October, 2023