MuktaA2 cinemas opens in Samastipur, Bihar

MuktaA2 cinemas expands it’s presence in the beautiful city of Samastipur, Bihar. The cinema features 3 screens and can accommodate 288 guests. The property is further aided with Harkness Silver screens, lazer projection & surround sound, which will ensure the best & immersive movie experience for every member of the audience. You can enjoy the luxury-seating arrangements & freshly crafted delicious food & beverage options to cater specially to the audiences.

MuktaA2 Cinemas has now expanded its presence to 24 locations with a screen count of 63.

This brings Mukta Arts Limited in control of 93 screens, i.e. 63 screens through Mukta A2 Cinemas Limited, subsidiary company, 16 screens through Mukta A2 Multiplex WLL, subsidiary at Bahrain and 14 Screens through Joint Ventures with Asian Cinemas, Hyderabad.

Added on : 28th July, 2023