Subhash Ghai Joins Hands With Society Of Motion Picture And Television Engineers

The Society of Motion Picture and Television Engineers (SMPTE) is the world's foremost association of Media & Entertainment Technologists.

David Grindle has set his eyes on the founder of Whistling Woods Institute and filmmaker Subhash Ghai for a film educational venture and decided to share a long-lasting association with them. He also partnered with PVR where SMPTE will hold 4 lectures in a year for students learning innovative technical know-how provided by SMPTE to improve filmmaking technologically and more.

The Society of Motion Picture and Television Engineers (SMPTE) is the world's foremost association of Media & Entertainment Technologists. Over the past 107 years, SMPTE has created some of the most important standards for motion pictures, television, digital cinema, and audio. The SMPTE India chapter has been in existence since 2011, with Ujwal Nirgudkar as its President. Further, since 2021, Chaitanya Chinchlikar - Vice President & CTO of Whistling Woods International has been appointed to SMPTE's global Board of Governors and has been a key part of SMPTE's Virtual Production Rapid Industry Solutions (RIS) initiative.

Filmmaker & Founder Subhash Ghai shares, "I see SMPTE's increased focus on India as yet another step forward in the Make-in-India initiative. Intellectual property being the key driver for industry growth thus new technologies, new workflows, and new standards are intellectual property. With SMPTE, we look forward to assimilation of our engineers and technologists with the world."

Revealing his goals, David Grindle says, "Our goal as an industry is simple that we should all come together. More innovative work is going on in the Indian industry here. We would like the world to know about it. India has a unique population in Bollywood. They are pushing greater media volume to people which needs to increase its technology which nobody has. If it works here, it can work anywhere in the globe."

Elaborating SMPTE association with Whistling Woods and partnership with PVR, he says, "Whistling Woods is an amazing partner which I came to know when I came in 2022 and learned they are an amazing institute which is not looking at making the best practices of film making but really embracing technology and ready to embrace immersing technology to be able to tell better stories."

President, Ujwal Nirgudkar avers, "Many changes are taking place through SMPTE which is a global and standardized technological organization, so we are doing webinars through them which will help the students to learn online and gain SMPTE certificate. These certificates will help them get jobs. These new technologies which will enhance the learning are of the students. Students will learn free in their first year. SMPTE will charge a nominal INR fees."

Added on : 27th September, 2023

Source: Free Press Journal