Subhash Ghai on Satish Kaushik's demise: The film industry has lost a great talent, I have lost a very dear friend

"It's just heart-shattering news for me that we lost our one best friend #DEAR SATISH - a man who always laughed even in worst crisis and stood by anyone in his crisis. A great artiste. Greater human being greatest friend I know. He left us so sudden so soon. I m sad. All at @whistling_woods @muktaartsltd @muktaa2cinemas Om shanti.

There are very few actors who are close to me in real life. People who I can call and share happy and sad moments with. Satish was one of them since the time we worked together in 'Ram Lakhan'. I met him last month. We spoke about Karan Razdan's film about the premier of that movie. Satish was very excited as usual. He was speaking about his next film, the next movie he's going to direct. He was a great artiste, whether he was on stage, on the big screen, small screen or whether he was writing. He was great at everything he did.

We shared so many emotions so often. We had a great group of friends - Satish, Anupam, Anil and Karan.

Satish will always make us laugh and yet, he was a very serious man from within. He was a serious artiste. He was a very happy person. He wasn't the type jo andar se bade dukhi hote hain. He was jovial to the core. Agar hum kabhi dukhi ho jate the toh woh hame zaroor hasata tha. Usse koi dukh ho, toh woh khud ko bhi hasa deta tha. Even while suffering a crisis, he used to joke, 'arre mere saath kuchch hona tha, kuchch aur hi ho gaya'.

I recall my last conversation with him saying, 'I told him that the students at my film school were missing him and he promised to come over very soon. But now that won't be possible'.

The film industry has lost a great talent. I have lost a very dear friend."

- Subhash Ghai

Added on : 9th March, 2023