Subhash Ghai's Mukta Arts ventures into Television with its first production titled 'Jaanaki'

"It is so different writing a television series than writing for a film, says Subhash Ghai as his Mukta Arts begins shooting for its first television series Jaanaki"

The legendary film-maker Subhash Ghai is all set to enthrall the audiences with his company Mukta Arts' first television series, Jaanaki.

Subhash Ghai adds, "What I have learnt the most during the pandemic period sitting at home, was to observe the vast difference between cinema and television medium specially when the content on television is further divided into three platforms like OTT SERIES, TELEVISION SERIES, and MOBILE SHOWS. I did watch most of the shows on every small screen during the pandemic and interacted with most of the profound writers for TV who taught me the right approach to keep the viewers glued on television screen. So, I decided to experiment with content in 2021 and produced an interesting pocket comedy play titled 36 FARMHOUSE for Zee5 which went very well with the viewers and also celebrated a silver jubilee week on the small screen. It was an exciting challenge and was a kind of re-learning for me knowing, and understanding viewers and their consumption pattern on the small screen. Its success encouraged my company Mukta Arts to go for other challenging experiments by making a daily series for DOOR DARSHAN when we were approached. And I am delighted over the fact that today is the mahurat day of shooting. It is another milestone for Mukta Arts and our new tv series titled JAANAKI is a super story on women empowerment especially for the homemakers of India.

It’s going to telecast on Doordarshan around end of may 2023 with 208 episodes. Producer Rahul Puri and writers of Jaanaki have done a brilliant job on the script. It has 7 songs too. I am sure the audience would love Jaanaki."

Subhash Ghai recently released an anthem for the Election Commission of India which garnered a massive response nationwide.

Added on : 27th February , 2023