Why Reputations Don't Bother Filmmaker Subhash Ghai

The Popular Filmmaker Subhash Ghai explains the importance of casting and getting the right actor for his onscreen characters, despite their reputation or the experience in the industry.

Filmmaker Subhash Ghai has been making films for more than three decades, and so one of the first things, he ensures before he starts is shooting is getting his cast right, even if it means he doesn't want to work with a big actor.

"I always believe that casting is second most important process after having a good script in hand. I am always very particular in casting stars or no stars. For me whether known or unknown actors, both will do but they have to be good actors who suit the role," says Ghai, who will be making his debut on the OTT as a writer and a producer with the upcoming film '36 Farmhouse'.

"Then writing the dialogues also becomes easy and effective and thus the performances on screen. You will be proud of performances of each actor in '36 Farmhouse'. Just take my word for it," he adds.

A family comic drama, '36 Farmhouse' is a comedy-thriller which at its core, it is a satire on the dichotomy between the class difference that exists between the rich and the poor. It follows a father-son pair of migrant workers who on the way back to their native village during the pandemic shutdown find jobs at a lavish farmhouse owned by a rich lady. Their thoughts turn to petty theft. However, they find themselves in a murder mystery scenario.

The theme is that some steal for need and some steal for greed. Audience today is looking for comedy and entertainment and that they are not looking for issues or murders. They see criminals on television every day. With this intention we created '36 Farmhouse' as a family entertainment, which has everything - murder mystery, comedy and family drama," he had said in an interview with Variety earlier.

The film starring Amol Parashar, Sanjay Mishra, Flora Saini, Barkha Singh, Vijay Raaz and Ashwini Kalsekar, starts streaming on Zee5 today (January 21).

Date: 21st January, 2022