Subhash Ghai Is Happy With Hero/Ram Lakhan Being Remade

Though he had a nightmarish experience when his Karz was remade by Satish Kaushik with Rishi Kapoor reborn as Himesh Reshammiya, and though the Karz remake made us wish that the belief in reincarnation was a hoax, Subhash Ghai is gung-ho about Hero and Ram Lakhan being remade.

While Hero is being remade by Nikhil Advani and will feature Sooraj Pancholi and Aathiya Shetty, Subhash Ghai’s Ram Lakhan remake has just been announced by producer Karan Johar to be directed by Rohit Shetty.

According to reliable sources Ghai has relinquished all creative authority over Ram Lakhan while selling the rights to Dharma Productions. This is to say, Subhash Ghai will have no say in how Ram Lakhan would be interpreted by Rohit Shetty.

According to a source close to Ghai,he is worried about how Ram Lakhan would finally end up looking.

Says the source, “Look at what Satish Kaushik did to Karz and recently Aashiqui 2 was remade in Telugu. They changed the climax. Subhashji is understandably concerned. But while Salman Khan, the producer of the Hero remake, has allowed Subhashji’s inputs and participation, as per contract Subhashji would have no say in the Ram Lakhan remake.”

When contacted Subhash Ghai expressed supreme faith in the Ram Lakhan remake.

Says Ghai, “I am glad that my past work is being acknowledged and complimented by two of the big filmmaking talents of Bollywood, Karan Johar and Rohit Shetty. I am sure they’d make an even bigger blockbuster out of Ram Lakhan than I did.”

Remind him of the mess-merizing experience that was Karzzzzz, and Ghai retorts, “I trust this team. They have the talent and passion.”

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